Shaping your products

Welcome at the van Drenth Group

Van Drenth has been for over fifty years a specialist and professional supplier in 2D and 3D design of (wooden) products. The supply of semi-finished or finished products mainly takes places in the furniture market. Other markets are interior & exterior and industry.

Van Drenth consists of two production companies which are highly complementary to each other: Buighout & MultiDesk.

This gives us the possibility to design and integral host your product, from engineering to end product.

Everything at one location in Culemborg!

We relieve you with our specialties:

  • Milling of wood and sheet materials;
  • 3D milling;
  • Highgloss coating and polishing;
  • UV coating and rolling large volumes of metal, wood and synthetic sheets;
  • Bending wood;
  • Laser engraving of metal, wood and synthetic material.


Interested in how we can help you? Call us directly at +31 345-545777 or ask your question online.