Storage with automatic crane in operation

In the 2. Q. 2017 MultiDesk invested in 2 panel saws integrated in a storage for standard boards produced by Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH and represented by Karat Nederland BV.

During our summer holiday 2017 the entire equipment was set in place. In fall 2017 we started the production of the new machinery. We expect to benefit from the options and advantages of the new system in 2018.

The new storage & cutting line offers various advantages and starts with new optimized procedures:

when a production order is finalized in the planning department it is send directly to the production level where the store manager receives the order on the control panel of Schelling VS16 storage system. As soon as the machine operator starts the job, the automatic crane picks the demanded board from the storage and puts it on the collection table of the Schelling FH5 panel saw.

The first cut is a flush edge cut. According to the sawing plan each panel is then cut on rough size and receives a label for identification. Beside of ergonomic advantages for the operator the new equipment enables a substantial yield reduction of the standard boards and more flexibility for the production process.

Technical information of the new cutting line

The storage VS 16 with automatic crane

  • 3 loading sections
  • length of 35 meters and width of 16 meters
  • max. height of storage pile is 2000 mm
  • horizontal transport speed is 150 meter/minute
  • vertical transport speed is 60 meter/minute
  • average time to move a standard board is 30 seconds

Cutting saws FH5:

  • power sawing engine:            21 KW
  • max. cutting height:               110 mm
  • max. cutting speed:                160 meter/minute
  • identification labels is printed before sawing
  • in average every 6 seconds a label is fixed on a panel
  • during cutting the next pile is prepared on the collection table and avoids loss of  effective cutting time
  • by using an extra abdicate trolley we win 25 seconds between 2 sawing plans what increases the effective sawing time
  • very low consumption of airpressure saves electrical energy