Under Van Drenth you find 2 suppliers with complementary competences. Both companies, Buighout & MultiDesk, cooperate in close manner with mutual benefits.

The production facilities of both companies can create a finshed product from single manufactured component. Among office and table tops we produce speakers as well as furniture for living and work spaces. Furthermore the manufacturing of form parts offers many choices. At the same time we can deliver wooden frames.

In our portfolio you will find many examples for finished products and see the variety of our production facilities.

Finished products and components

Office table tops

We produce office table tops in a variety of many shapes und measures. Tops used for office table follow different demands to those which are applied in laboratories.

By free choice of different core and top materials we can offer products in every price level. We cooperate since many years with all bigger manufacturers of wood working material such as Formica, Abet Laminati, Pfleiderer, Arpa and Trespa. With our production facilities we can manufacture any material in perfect manner.

Tailored office table tops with natural veneer

We manufacture thousands of office table tops per year in different shapes, grades and measures ready for assembly. You have the choice of different tops in thickness as well as different wood species. Furthermore you can select the structure und colour of the species. We offer the grade with best properties for your application.

Table tops with veneer have core materials of chipboard, MDF or plywood – beside of those with melamine surface or compact HPL.

Table tops

Beside of office table tops we manufacture table tops tailored on size. Tailored veneered table tops is our speciality. We work with core material from nearly all kinds of multiply, MDF and chip board. The surface are from melamine, HPL, Lino and face veneers. The edges are bonded with PVC- or ABS edge bending in design of the surface or from veneer or solid wood – including tops in round and free style shapes.

We also work often with solid HPL boards also known as solid core HPL or Trespa boards. 

Form parts

Our 2D and 3D formparts are divided in different groups of products and shapes:

Seat shells, seats and back rests, radius parts, half-circle parts and special parts. The combination of craftmanship and technique offers the opportunity to machine the pressparts in nearly any requested shape.

Our production is well prepared for bigger numbers of seatshells, as well as seats and back rests.

Please see our online-catalogue of form parts with a large variety of models we can supply to you.


To supply a complete finished product we offer also wooden frames. They are available in solid oak, beech and ash as well as veneered multiply.

We support you for engineering of your final product in cooperation with a developer or engineer in order to meet your entire requirements for the frame.