Van Drenth – even more sustainable

Van Drenth nog duurzamer

Building ‘sunpark’ on the rooftop

On Fr., July 7th 2017 we opened our new solar park created in cooperation of Solar Team Eindhoven and Solar Comfort from Gledermalsen. It consists of total 1.620 solar panels that have been installed in 2 runs.

After the reduction of gas consumption to almost 0 by MultiDesk now the electric power comsumption has dropped significantly by installation of additional 1.040 solar panels.

The new energy concept was developed in cooperation with Mr. Stefan van Tongeren. First of all a scan of the total energy consumption has carried out and calculated. Based on these results a masterplan for energy saving measures was developed  for the next years. The target is to cover the whole energy demand by solar panels.

The 1st bigger saving has been created by total replacement of TL-….. by new LED lamps – a theoretical reduction of 35.000 kWh / year.

Before the new solar panels could be installed a the roof top had to be completly refurbished. The old tar cover was in bad condition and at the end of its lifetime. We found a sustainable solution: a new white roof top with thermal insulation and a lifetime of 30-40 years.

The white roof top reflects the sunlight so the roof and the solar panel remain cooler and can create higher electric energy. The team of Roof Protection from Arkel carried out these works to our entire satisfaction.

The new solar panels (from building section 2) – also delivered and installed by Solar Comfort from Geldermalsen – complete those 540 panels which have been build end of 2013. With the total quantity of 1.620 solar panels we produce up to 425.000 kWh energy / year which covers about 75% of the consumption of MultiDesk.

Rinie Evertse of Solar Comfort (Geldermalsen) managed the whole project perfectly from the first inquiry to the final installation and start.

Please see the video of the opening of the project which has been made by a drone. You get a impression of the whole equipment for 425.000 kWh power / year.  You can also visualize that bigger parts of the roofs are covered with solar panels.