Van Drenth Buighout is a specialist in 2D- and 3D-moulding of laminated plywood. We are supplying the furniture industry, the office- and hospital interior manufactures as well as school furniture-, hotel- and catering-furniture producers.

Our 2D- and 3D-moulded wood parts are diversified in different groups of products such as seat shells, seats and backrest, radius-parts, half shell and various other designs.

For your development of new parts and technical consultancy you are in good hands.

Please see the available form parts in our online-catalogue.

Bended wood

The 2D- and 3D-plywood form parts consist of several layers of beechwood veneer which are pressed in specific tools. The single layers are coated with a water resistant glue which is hardening under high pressure and temperature creating the desired shape and thickness of the part. This semi-finished press part is – after final machining – used as a visible or invisible form part for furniture.

We support you acc. to your demands for new shapes. Two important principles are substantial:

the construction and styling of the tool and the machining of the form part.

The combination of experience and technical skills enable us to supply plywood form parts in any desired quality.


We offer form parts in various designs and grades: veneer in surface quality (also as sliced veneer i.e. oak – and others – with/without knots), CPL or HPL, paper as well as lino and upholstery grade veneers.

We run a bigger number of presses and store more than 75 different pressing tools for form shells which could be diversified acc. to your demands for the shape, milling grooves, drillings.

This offers the opportunity to develop a bigger variety of chairs avoiding high cost for a new pressing tool.

In our own spraying department we can stain, spray or oil your product. Our production is established for single projects as well as for serial production.