We will – as a good supplier – manufacture 2D- and 3D- products in the most sustainable way.

We will – as a reliable partner – add value in terms of quality and innovation and deliver the requested quality for the best price.



  • Storage and Forwarding

    Monday till Thursday
    07:30 – 12:00 & 12:30 – 16:45
    07:30 – 12:30

  • Office

    Monday till Friday
    08:15 – 16:45

  • Closed in 2018;

    July 23th till August 10th
    December 24th till January 4th ’19

Sustainable Company

Van Drenth is aware of its responsibility for staff, environment and society. Sustainability is an important part of our vision and mission. Van Drenth will – acc. to recent possibilities – manufacture its products acc. sustainable aspects.

We are certified with FSC and PEFC and accordingly supply FSC and PETC products.

Social aspects and responsibility

We support different local organizations and projects on national and international basis, among them the flying cabinet maker www.vliegendemeubelmakers.nl.

In 2017 we participated in the development of Stella-Vie – the first electrical car, that offers space for 5 persons. We are proud that Stella Vie won the world championship in the Cruiser Class in October 2017.


We have no vacancies at this moment.