MultiDesk is a specialist for the machining of woodworking material for horizontal and vertical application. As a supplier for table tops and furniture parts for the industry, the project market as well as interior and outdoor furniture we are established in a universal and flexible way.

We operate a modern machinery and equipment facility consisting of: an automatic storage for standard boards with 2 integrated panel saws, an own shop for veneer cutting and assembling, a press shop and a machinery hall with a bigger variety of machining centres plus an advanced spraying shop.

In our production we machine very different surface and core materials such as veneer, compact boards, HPL, lino, and various other panel materials.

Specialist for panels

Automatic storage and integrated cutting saws

Due to our automatic panel storage with 2 integrated saws we are enabled to cut bigger quantities of boards in short period of time. Through applied optimisation software we use the standard panels with a low yield factor even for smaller quantities and single boards.

Our cutting saws can operate up to a length of 4200 mm.

We work with standard board sizes up to 4200 mm length and – for project orders – with optimized standard sizes acc. to customer’s demands.

CNC machining

We operate 2,5D and 3D machining centres with the following features

2,5D machining

We name 2,5D machining as the combination of 2D edge machining with surface milling (drilling and grooving) plus integrated ABS edge bonding in one process and on one machine.

MultiDesk is establish for machining and edge bonding of various board materials such as: chip board, MDF & HDF, birch-, beech- and poplar plywood, solid wood, bamboo, compact boards and further materials.

3D machining

Beside of 3D-shaping of form parts, we can also produce 3D-mouldings from solid core material. For this process we use our 5-axes-machining centre and manufacture checking and CNC holding fixtures as well as foundry patterns and models.


We veneer panels with all different kinds of wood. Shape and measurement are normally unrestrained. We finish the veneer panels as you wish.

Veneer itself makes no table top. The chosen core material is of same importance and has a major influence on the quality of the final product. We work with chip board, MDF board as well as birch-, beech- and poplar plywood.

Veneer is also suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving

Laser cutting

In case you need letters or your logo as a model or design work we can offer laser cutting in card board, HPL, veneer, multiply or MDF up to a thickness of 3 mm.

Laser and PU-edge bonding

The process of edge bonding of board material, panels, table tops and furniture parts can be very different.

Special for edge machining MultiDesk operates laser- and PU-bonding.

PU-bonding is a water resistant bonding of highest quality. By using laser technique or PU-bonding a seamless transition from surface to edge is carried out with a visible 0-joint.

Coloured and high gloss spraying

We spray your desired colour and gloss. The colour is determined acc. to RAL-, Sikkens or NCS-codes.

Acc. to your demand the desired colour is manufactured and offered with a gloss between 5 and 95 %. For gloss higher than 95% (high gloss) we manufacture a sample and inquire which quality you expect for your product.

Most of the inquired high gloss are: standard high gloss, polished high gloss and piano lacquer.